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I dreamed about the Tree of Harmony last night. I dreamed I was in the Everfree Forest and I was gazing down into a crevasse. Then I was at the bottom of the crevasse which is the alcove where the Tree of Harmony has stood for I don't know how many thousands of years. It began to move. I turned to run, and as I reached the stairway, I looked back to see it floating up after me. I ran in a panic through the bushes and brambles to the Friendship Castle and in the front door. The Tree of Harmony rose up, right there, springing upright from the hallway floor and blew me and Spike and all my books out the door. Then a giant crack appeared in the sky and the Treecastle slid sideways into the crack and vanished.

I woke up, soaking wet with sweat.

Addendum: This journal entry was written on the 1 year anniversary of its inception!

On Call

Nov. 14th, 2015 11:25 pm
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I went back to the ruins of the castle in the Everfree to return the books Moondancer borrowed. It's freezing in the Everfree. There's even snow on the ground here and there. The Everfree snow wasn't much to look at. There were no flakes, just tiny white round balls of various sizes.

On the way I went down the stairs to the stony crevasse where the Tree of Harmony... is rooted? It hasn't changed. I looked at it for a while. It didn't move. Or speak. Or write any messages. It gave no clues as to what it may be thinking and I have no way to find out. It would be nice to be able to communicate with the power that drops puzzles on our backs without so much as a by-your-leave.

My life had more stability... and purpose, when I was just researching Friendship and reporting back to my teacher. I guess the old Friendship puzzles were a bit mundane, but they were _my_ puzzles and there were many lessons to learn.

Now there are fewer puzzles to solve, and when I or my friends fix a problem, we don't report back to anypony. And so I just sit in our giant, cold, tree-shaped castle, with my nigh 20,000 books, and wait to be prodded and guided to something disharmonious that requires a fix.
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I still have much material to read through. I quickly skimmed the story Algernon97 recommended, At the Mountains of Madness. I don't think it will help me prepare for what our expedition, Moondancer didn't describe city ruins and as for Old Ones, we've already met our Old One. It's the Tree of Harmony. The are scarey beasts in Equestria, but I don't think there are any powerful entities older than the Tree.

Back to the books!
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I'm working on the hypothesis that the action of the Elements of Harmony was an extension of the 'spark' that activated them. In the case of The Six, the spark is Friendship and the action was to reverse the madness of Nightmare Moon and make her friendly. The same applies to Sunset Shimmer. Discord is a harder nut to crack and it took two more blows from the Elements to soften him up enough for Fluttershy to tame him, perhaps because he is only part pony. With Princess Celestia and Princess Luna, the spark probably has to do with devotion and duty. Thus the action was harsher.

Now that the Elements have been returned to the Tree, how they act would be a reflection of the nature of the Tree. The actions of Tree and the Elements have, as far as I know, always been a function of merit as well as bond and need. They didn't work with Spike standing in for Rainbow Dash and the sixth Element only appeared when I had both earned it and needed it.

After I had returned the Elements to the Tree, the Tree anticipated our need for magic of the highest order but still made us work for it. We had to reassert our core identities and our common bond, working together to literally unlock the power lent to us by the Tree.

So the Tree honors valor and unity and granted us the ability to re-establish order in Equestria our way. But had the Tree imposed order, it might have been different.

The Tree built the TreeCastle. It's about as close to a Pony designed residence as a pony-built birdhouse is to a wood-pecker hole in a tree. It has to say something about the builder and I think it says that if the Tree re-established Harmony in Equestria, Pony society would wind up about as regimented and structured as the rows of corn in Applejack's fields.

If the Everfree is what I think it is, and if Equestria is the Tree's garden, I think the Tree likes to give its garden a lot of free reign.

The Tree is Fluttershy.
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I'm still mystified by the Tree of Harmony.

Hay board meeting tomorrow at Town Hall. We don't want to ship out too much of our stores, what we have has to last us at least to first cut or ponies will be grazing through our first harvest before it's reaped. That could easily snowball into an all out famine. Everything has to be planned out just so.
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Unlike what appears to be the case in the Earth realm, we can't do without magic or let magic lapse, forgotten and unused. Almost everything in Equestria depends on pony magic to function properly. Right at the top of the list is keeping the day and night cycle on time. Then there's the seasons, the weather, managing the fauna and getting the plants to grow. All of it requires magical intervention from ponies. Mostly from specialists, but all ponies are magical and all ponies help in some way. Sure the animals are bright enough to share ideas and feelings with ponies (or at least with Fluttershy, I don't speak 'squirrel') but they require a helping hoof to plan far enough ahead to build their own nests, migrate or find food in the spring. It has always been thus, it's how things work in Equestria. Except in the Everfree forest, where it is always gloomy and nothing is run by ponies.

It's strange that the ancient Tree of Harmony exists in the middle of the Everfree. Such a strange and powerful tree, made of rock and gems, leafless, existing in a grotto and somehow responsive to our needs. Perhaps it is shaping the Everfree and its inhabitants. It is so powerful, it may even shape or have shaped all of Equestria. Which came first, ponies or the Tree? Perhaps the tree is the manifestation of the combined will and magic of the ponies of Equestria? No that wouldn't fit, Tirek had consumed the entire sum of the magic of all the ponies and we easily defeated him with magic afforded us by the Tree.

We find it spooky when things happen on their own, like there are ghosts in the machine. It's very reassuring to know that clouds stay where you put them and that if they move, it's because a pony pushed them. There would be so much chaos if everything just did as it pleased! There would be floods and droughts! Bunnies would eat everything! Like when Discord broke free that first time and took over Equestria. I think Discord would feel right at home on Earth. How do Earth denizens remain sane? I think I'm beginning to see why this E-Athenaeum is such a jumble. It's Discorded!


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