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Pinkie Pie gave me this snap shot of me that she'd taken in the "Red Room". Amazingly, there's no paint splatters on it. The illumination/image transfer spell is still a bear, I hope the granular matrix is well regimented and not too runny or merged.

The sliding panels Pinkie was working on are nearly all painted. Most will hang from the catwalks mid-stage, changing the look of the scene and giving it an illusion of greater depth. Pinkie has also set up a pair of "party cannons" behind the scene. They're there to fire confetti and streamers at the very end of the play to punctuate the celebration of harmony between the three pony races. She would have liked to fire cupcakes into the crowd but that was beyond our budget. And Applejack pointed out that getting a cupcake in the eye might put a damper on the fire of friendship for most ponies.
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I'm getting better at getting my graphical display grid spell to get a clear connection via the castle wall to this Earth journal. I have a nice fall picture of the Golden Oak library that Pinkie found somewhere, I'll try and send that now. It would make a pretty "icon" for my journal. I need an icon, right? All the cool fillies have one. First, for a warm-up, I'll send it full size to the print archive, like I did with Spike's picture.


Visual data transferred and encoded, check! It worked! Better than last time, I think. At least it felt like the spell was smoother.

"Large thumbnail" copied and pasted, check! Pressing "save"!


Check, check! ...Come to think of it, that must be a really large thumb, to be that much bigger than the text. Earth people must have incredible eyesight to read text that small. Oh, I know! They must hold their fingers in front of their eyes while they read. That would make a thumbnail appear huge. Cultural relativity! Thumb size is relative to where you hold it, culturally! (That was supposed to be funny but I think it fell flat.)

Next, "save" again, then transfer spell again, this time to "Upload a userpic"! I can do this!

This was a bit trickier that I thought. Let's see if that worked.



I'd better get a move on. Pinkie Pie and Applejack have been hard at work putting together the Ponyville Mid-Winter Fun Feast. Rarity and Fluttershy are helping with the decorations and I'm going to trot on down to see how I can help.
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OK, I cobbled together an illumination transfer protocol spell from Starswirl's theory. Tricky, but so far it looks like it's working! I used it to send a vision of a picture of Spike to a "gallery" and I selected a "HTML" print spell from the gallery and I glued that into my Dream Width scroll here.


It worked! What fun!

Meet Spike, my most valuable assistant. We've been together since he first hatched. He's not a pony, he's a dragon (ponies have hooves, not claws). Spike has a mauve body with a grass green crest and eyes. He's also quite the ham, it's hard to catch him not striking a pose when he sees a camera pointed at him, but Pinkie got a good snapshot of him here. Pinkie's pretty clever with that camera of hers.
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Fixed the illustrations problem... somewhat. Looks kind of grainy and melted. And I think they're imported from another wing of this Earth atheneum thing. Except for some really tiny illustrations (or decorations?) that are housed in the Dream Width... paragraph ornamentation, I think. Sometimes they reflect what is written, sometimes they seem to be like a signature or personal seal. The pony... people here look mostly like the anthropoid beings where Sunset Shimmer is studying. Only with small eyes, hardly any color variety and not quite so spindly. OK, so this journal I'm writing in is part of something like a community writer's workshop with a paper supply, a quill supply, an illustration archive... that you have to organize to work together. The illustration archive is the missing piece from my journal scroll. I can fix that! I'll need to cobble together a magi-tech image transfer spell that I can integrate into my Earth/Equestria interface matrix. Hmmm, from what I was reading, Starswirl was working on "euclidean" -compatible interpretation and organization of visual data as rows of colored dots... To the Canterlot Archives for more research! Huzzah!
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It was "Twilight Time" again for the Cutie Mark Crusaders. Scootaloo found and rebuilt the crank-action scarf loom I'd conveniently broken after getting my tail caught in it one time too many. A gift from my brother. I'll have to find a darker corner in the basement to "store" it. Applebloom's latest growth potion carpeted the halls with grass... that promptly died. And then caught fire. Sweetie Belle then caused a water bucket brigade to spring to life and douse the flames. By the time I found a counter-spell for this potion-based magic fire the hallways were filled with black sludge and we were all coughing and hacking. If only the fire had spread to the scarf loom. The three foals were mostly sad that they didn't get fire-fighting cutie marks.

Now to crack open that tome again to the chapter on euclidean fixed distance lithography of static illusions. I was just at the part on adjusting for quantum wobble in pony photographic prints. This could be very useful!


Jan. 9th, 2015 12:29 am
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That worked! Hoofston*, we have a new journal, in another universe! Whee!

So how did I get here? Well, my new Ponyville castle, the Friendship Tree-Castle that sprang from the box of locks after we got all six keys (and fixed the mess made by Tirek), has a lot of bare rock walls and not many windows. I was upstairs the other day and I decided to cast my graphical display grid spell to show Pinkie that zebras are black with white stripes, not white with black stripes. It reacted with the rock wall and I got a window into another universe! ...It, your universe, looks like a letter-writing universe. Or a giant atheneum. A book universe! Now, for a bookworm, that's irresistible.

The bridge is not perfect, there is some stuff that's coming through garbled. Probably illustrations.

* Hoofston is the home of earth pony aviation, where they make dirigibles, balloons and pony-powered whirlygigs. And they're big on exploration.


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