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Luna wrote back. She will be delighted to join our meteor watch picnic. I alerted my friends and we're going to the west pasture for this outing. Turns out there have been other ponies having stargazing picnics lately, to watch the shooting stars. We'd better get there early to get a good hilltop.

I'm starting to shed the short hairs on my back. Summer molt has begun and it's getting on my cushions. Spike is going to be grumpy.
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The Spa ponies have had the worst of the Spring molt. They've had a surge of customers come in, ponies looking to at least look and feel fresh for a short while, even if their coats aren't quite there yet. For Aloe and Lotus, getting the hair out of the mud bath is a lost cause, and keeping up with the filter in the hot tub is a constant struggle. Each customer is subject to a full brush down on admission, before they get even close to benefiting from any of the spa's other services. Everypony still sheds anyway.

We are no exceptions. We succeeded in reserving six places at the Spa this morning for an hour for the six of us. Rainbow Dash skipped the seaweed wrap and the hooficure but joined us in the sauna and the hot tub. They are still using Zecora's herbs and salts in the water. I feel so sleek! My coat is starting to get a summer shine and my new flight feathers look pretty good too.

As we left, Aloe tucked a red trillium into our manes and we stepped out into the bright sunshine, in high spirits and feeling as good as we smelled. We descended on a café, pulled two tables together and chatted about this that and the other thing over lunch and several pots of tea.

I finally feel as fresh as the Spring.
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Rarity came over and gave Spike the felt doll she'd made to look like him. She had dyed some white felt made from her own fine winter fur to make the green scales and crest, and she used long black beads for the pupils in the doll's green sequin eyes. Spike held it preciously then rushed off to place it on his shelf, right next to his Rarity figure. I find it funny that with all his grumbling about hair all over everything, he's over the moon with this gift made from hair. What's worse, made for the most part with my hair.
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Half my feathers have been replaced now. I gave myself another good brushing and my coat is starting to look a lot less ratty. Another week of this and I'll look spring fresh. Ha!

Meanwhile Rarity has been busy. She's brushed and trimmed Applejack and Pinkie Pie and made a few dolls that look just like them. She has them posed in a cabinet in her room. Rainbow Dash was a bit trickier and Rarity had to let her brush herself and snip her own hair. Rarity can be persistent and she usually gets what she set out to get.

I asked Rarity if she could make a felted doll that looks like Spike. Rarity looked appraisingly at my fur for a moment, and got to harvesting more lilac colored shed off me as it about matches Spike's lilac scales. My molt is winding down so it took a while, but eventually she gathered enough fine hair with which she could needle felt a small figure. As for the green scales, she will probably dye some white felt green and work it in. Spike is going to be pleased.
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I had tea with Rarity and Fluttershy this afternoon in the Carousel Boutique's sitting room.

With the worst of the Spring molt in full swing, Rarity has taken to wearing a shawl, hat and sunglasses, even indoors, to keep the molt from getting everywhere.

On a little end table by our cushions was Rarity's latest triumph. Ever inventive, she has been making little dolls out of her shed hair, the fine insulating hair lends itself well to needle felting. They have bead and sequin eyes and she's even tied mane strands together and sewn them in to give her pony dolls proper tails and coiffures.

They were so adorable that we got out the brushes and harvested fresh yellow and lilac hair to provide Rarity with more raw material. We went outside to do that, to avoid coating everything in the Carrousel Boutique with hair. We also shook out a bunch of contour feathers and once back inside with our spoils, snipped a few judicious clips from our manes as well.

Of the finished dolls, I brought home one that I thought looked the most like Rarity to give to Spike. He found a place for it on a shelf with his comic book collection. I think I'll ask Rarity if she could make a Spike-shaped felt "figure" to go with it.
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I had to get out into the fresh spring air an find a sunny spot to read, away from the musty smell of dust bunnies grown fat on my shed coat.

Many ponies were out too, and it lifted my spirits to note that everypony's coats were just as ratty as mine.

Quills and Sofas in town is having an inventory clearance sale on quills. With feathers raining down from the sky, I can see why. I circled back and headed to the eastern meadow.

I had brought a couple of brushes with me. I chose a dry, sandy bit of ground and before settling down to read, I brushed out all the loose hair I could and set it free.


Mar. 26th, 2015 10:41 pm
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I counted two more primaries dropped and I have two secondaries growing in fast. It's not just my flight feathers, some of my contour feathers are dropping too.

When will this end? I feel disorganized and distracted. I need blinkers so I can focus. My winter coat slowly drifts to the floor.

I can feel little lilac hair-bunny eyes watching me from crawl spaces under the furniture. Every passing breeze sends them scurrying about. They grow larger.
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I dropped four more secondary feathers and two new primaries are growing in. The blood feathers are very sensitive and distracting.

We got together for brunch in the 'throne room' and we're all molting like crazy. There was hair in the tea, hair in the salad (fresh dandelion greens!), hair on the frosting on the cupcakes... White hair, yellow hair, lilac hair, blue hair, orange hair, pink hair... Hair everywhere. I heard Spike mutter something about stuffing a mattress with it.

Rarity says that March is the cruelest month. She's threatening to "give this whole ghastly affair the heave-ho" and have the spa ponies shave and wax her entire body! Pinkie was laughing so hard she turned blue. While leaving a fuzzy pink halo on the floor.
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Spring molt is definitely underway. I dropped a few primaries this morning, a secondary is loose and my wings are looking ratty. Every time I get up my reading cushion has a lilac coating of hair.

Spike is grumbling about hair clogging the drains. On the bright side, I now have new quills that match my coat!
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It's the first full day of Spring, so naturally, Pinkie, Ponyville's permanent party pony, threw a party for the whole town.

There were banners, balloons and streamers and cake, pinatas and games like kick the can and pin the tail on the pony, and Pinkie's special punch. Which hopefully was not Gummy's favorite.

The Ponytones sang, the foals ran a six-legged race, many mares were sporting lovely Spring hats and everypony had confetti and streamers on their coats and in their manes.

Spring flowers are coming up everywhere and the southern birds were singing their hearts out. The smell of warm earth and fresh growth was in the air. The spring sun in the blue sky felt wonderful on my face and I spread my wings to cradle that warmth.

Evening came and as night fell my friends and I gathered close to watch Pinkie's fireworks burst like giant flowers in the sky. It was magical.

And as another sure sign of Spring, I've also started to shed.


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