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Warmer air from longer days is making fog rise off the snow in and around Ponyville. It's very pretty, but ponies do like to see into the distance, just in case something nasty might be creeping up on them. So the streets of Ponyville were mostly empty. Rainbow Dash will be out clearing the fog soon.

The Everfree forest has a mind of it's own and was mostly fog-free. Sure, there are many dangerous creatures there and the gloom and untamed plant growth makes me feel trapped, but I wanted to visit Zecora, and between the fog and the Everfree, the Everfree forest was almost more inviting.

Spring isn't for another three days in snowbound Ponyville, but in the Everfree, a lot of the snow is gone and there are spring flowers! I saw snowdrops, coltsfoot, skunk cabbage and crocuses pushing up from the ground, the skunk cabbage was even melting the snow! Weird, wonderful, worrying... I hurried on.

Zecora welcomed me inside and over tea we chatted about spring, the Equestrian Municipal Affairs reports, magic and the magical resonance that occurred last "Twilight Time". Zecora thinks I should see if the foals can repeat the tree canister feat. A hollow tree can make a nice house, fit for a pony if coaxed to grow larger than that for a mouse.

If we try that, we'll do it outside in the Spring. I don't need a full sized tree in my hall. Especially not if it catches fire or explodes.
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Winter Wrap Up is only four days away now. The weather ponies must be scraping out the bottom of their snow flake bins. There's fresh snow on the ground today, but it's all bits and pieces. I guess I won't see the sparkle of fresh snowflakes until next year.

I dropped in on Amethyst Star, Team Leader for the Animal Team. Her supplies are gathered and ready to go. She knows who to assign to what and where, we just have to plan out the timing a bit and it will be perfect.

Next I took Owlowiscious to our pet date, and Spike and my checklist too. While Winona chased snowballs and Angel dug tunnels in the snowbanks, I consulted Rainbow Dash and Applejack, the Team Leaders for the Weather and Plant Teams.

The carts, shovels, plows and bells are dusted, tuned, repaired and ready (check!). Seeds are properly identified and ready to plant, sticks, ribbons and straw all set to go (check check!). Ponyville ponies are old pros at WWU.

The plows, nest making and planting material and half the carts are to be stored at Applejack's, the rest of the material at the morning rendez-vous location, Town Hall. Sounds good to me. I'll double check the inventory with the team leaders on site the day before Winter Wrap Up, to be sure. Maybe we should number the shovels. And put the seeds in alphabetical order; and sort the straw and sticks by size!

Annnd, maybe not. A good friend knows when not to go overboard. I rolled up the checklist and Spike took a nap.

Owlowiscious had a great time hooting directions to Winona who was trying to find the snowballs she hadn't caught. Most of the time, all I could see of Angel was his ears poking out of a burrow. Opal watched from her pet carrier. She had declined to step out into the cold, wet snow. Tank and Gummy were absent. Tank was hibernating and Gummy was feeling sluggish, basking by the oven at Sugar Cube Corner. Snow's not his thing either.

It was a grey day and we didn't stay long. I woke Spike, called Owlowiscious and we all went home.
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The local supplies for the Hearth's Warming play project have been acquired and are already getting put to use. Applejack is building the framework for stage, following the shape of the old structure with a few improvements to aid cast and crew movements behind the scene. It will be in interconnected modular parts for easy break up and storage. Rarity has measured all the actors and Pinkie will start painting her scenes tomorrow. Thirteen days to go.

The snowflakes this morning were really big and fluffy stellar dendrites, with a few flat and reflective stellar dendrites mixed in. Very neat!
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Walking back from the train station today I stopped by the Golden Oak library, or what's left of it. I could smell hints of home hiding in the strong musk of charred wood. The falling snow has settled like a shroud, transforming the shattered and fallen timbers into gentle mounds. My warm, beautiful library now has white flowing drifts covering the stairs and piling up in the empty gaping shelves. We've already scavenged what we could from the wreck and now a demolition crew will finish Tirek's work. The library was a living thing. Failsafe spells can't bring back the dead.


Jan. 11th, 2015 09:55 pm
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It was a cold day in Ponyville. After Princess Luna had set the moon and sent the constellations from their playground in the sky, Princess Celestia nudged the sun into the heavens and the weather ponies began to push big grey clouds into the pink sky. They gave us a snow storm and the snow flakes were beautiful! Around mid-day they returned to clear the sky and the ground sparkled like diamonds in the sunshine. Most of the snow was made of stellar dendrites, principally fernlike stellar dendrites, and the sparkle came from the light reflecting off of stellar plate snowflakes. I found some examples of scrolls on stellar plates! That made my day. No needles or hollow columns that I could find this time around. A few weeks ago there was a snow fall that was almost all needles and hollow columns. I had never seen so many hollow columns at once. That probably cleared out Cloudsdale's inventory.

The sun has gone down now but it isn't dark. The white snow sparkles in the moonlight in harmony with the twinkling of the stars above. Walking through the quiet streets, it's like Ponyville has taken leave of the ground and floated off to join the constellations of Princess Luna's night.


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