Wood Smoke

Jan. 29th, 2016 10:42 pm
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There was oak wood in with my firewood today. Road apples. I didn't realize it until well after I'd fed it into the fire. I was reading by the fire and getting uncomfortable. I was feeling a rising panic that I could put a hoof on. I had to get up and look around. It was the smell! The smell of burning oak. Again.

I rushed down to the map room. Above the table hung the silent remains of the Golden Oak. Immobile, trailing strings of picture gems, memories of the past. It was not on fire any more.

I went back up to my reading room and lifted up the logs in the fireplace. I found the oak wood and extinguished the flames. Cradling the split, blackened log in my magic, I carried it out to a small rise nearby. I chose a sheltered spot on the sunny side, and buried it in the frozen ground.
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I'm getting better at getting my graphical display grid spell to get a clear connection via the castle wall to this Earth journal. I have a nice fall picture of the Golden Oak library that Pinkie found somewhere, I'll try and send that now. It would make a pretty "icon" for my journal. I need an icon, right? All the cool fillies have one. First, for a warm-up, I'll send it full size to the print archive, like I did with Spike's picture.


Visual data transferred and encoded, check! It worked! Better than last time, I think. At least it felt like the spell was smoother.

"Large thumbnail" copied and pasted, check! Pressing "save"!


Check, check! ...Come to think of it, that must be a really large thumb, to be that much bigger than the text. Earth people must have incredible eyesight to read text that small. Oh, I know! They must hold their fingers in front of their eyes while they read. That would make a thumbnail appear huge. Cultural relativity! Thumb size is relative to where you hold it, culturally! (That was supposed to be funny but I think it fell flat.)

Next, "save" again, then transfer spell again, this time to "Upload a userpic"! I can do this!

This was a bit trickier that I thought. Let's see if that worked.



I'd better get a move on. Pinkie Pie and Applejack have been hard at work putting together the Ponyville Mid-Winter Fun Feast. Rarity and Fluttershy are helping with the decorations and I'm going to trot on down to see how I can help.
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Walking back from the train station today I stopped by the Golden Oak library, or what's left of it. I could smell hints of home hiding in the strong musk of charred wood. The falling snow has settled like a shroud, transforming the shattered and fallen timbers into gentle mounds. My warm, beautiful library now has white flowing drifts covering the stairs and piling up in the empty gaping shelves. We've already scavenged what we could from the wreck and now a demolition crew will finish Tirek's work. The library was a living thing. Failsafe spells can't bring back the dead.
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This rock castle is a bit cold and sterile. I miss the Golden Oak library.


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