Jul. 10th, 2017

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For a change of pace, I went for an extended stay with my brother's family in the Crystal Empire. On a whim, I just hopped on the Friendship Express five days ago and went knocking on the Crystal Castle door. If all else failed, I still had a few books in my saddlebag I hadn't finished reading, for the trip back. I always pack a few books. You never know. But Princess Cadence has a few available guest rooms so I stayed overnight, and then a few days more, and then, why not, for the fireworks. I came back today with Spike and my friends.

I'd left a note saying I was going to the Crystal Empire, just so Spike wouldn't panic. I wouldn't want him to think I'd been foalnapped by Queen Chrysalis or trapped in a book or something. Then I sent him another letter from the Crystal Castle after I'd decided to stay for the fireworks. Meanwhile, it was great to browse through a library that wasn't my own, catch up with Shining and Princess Cadence over dinner and it was fun to play with my niece. I read I Met A Mare to her several times. She's at an age where she likes to do the same things and be read the same book over and over again. On the day of the fireworks, I was expecting Spike, but instead I had five friends who came bursting into the castle library. Surprise! So we went out for lunch and walked around the shops and sights until fireworks time. Spike, who knows a few ponies at the festival, was able to get them all first class accommodation before he got down to the important business of being an important fixture in the festival.

We found good seats, Pinkie found popcorn, and after Celestia set the sun, the pyrotechnicians from Sea Cattle lit up the sky. Theirs was a water theme with rows upon rows of horse tails, crashing together like waves on a beach, sprays and geysers rising from the ground and more raining from the sky like a mad storm of spinning sparks. In the calm periods, they launched peonies and diadems of every color, sending them up to float above a mist of sparks. I think I would like to visit the seashore one day.

It's pretty crowded in the streets of the Crystal Empire on the day of the fireworks spectacle, and many ponies stay overnight. I planned on going back with Spike and we all ended up extending our visit for another day and night. Last evening we saw several luna moths glowing softly in the fields beyond the residential areas. Not the hordes that arose from the wild growth phenomenon the Crystal Empire experienced last year, but enough to be exciting. We only get fireflies in Ponyville.

Well, I'm back. I brought a pile of books I borrowed from the Crystal Castle library with me, so I have an excuse to go back soon.


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