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After meeting up with Rarity, Fluttershy and Pinkie Pie at the spa, Rarity invited us over for tea. Fluttershy had a pet-grooming appointment and Pinkie had Pound Cake and Pumpkin Cake to go sit, so it was just me and Rarity in her Boutique.

Rarity prepared a pot of jasmine tea, put on Beethooven's Pasture Symphony and we chatted about the tapestries and library in the Carerfilly castle ruins. We really should fix the damage. The rift between the royal sisters is no more and the gaping wounds in that old structure should be repaired as well.

I couldn't stay long and I left Rarity's boutique shortly after drinking my tea. Tomorrow I have to go on royal business to Canterlot and I will be gone all day. I'm all freshly groomed thanks to the spa ponies, but I have some chapters I need to read and a checklist to make before bed. A chariot will arrive to pick me up right at dawn.
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The air has warmed up from the cold snap, not enough to melt the snow, but enough for a nice walk with friends. Since Rarity has finished repairing and washing the tapestries she'd borrowed and I have two books to return, we decided to all go for a picnic at the Carerfilly Castle. "We" is me, Rarity, Pinkie Pie, Applejack, Rainbow Dash, Fluttershy and Spike. We decided against using Applejack's cart and instead lugged the tapestries and supplies on our backs. It's best to be light on your feet in the Everfree forest and to be set to flee in any direction at a moment's notice. Applejack brought a fresh batch of apple chips and pies to go with the lunch Spike packed for us. We planned to have the picnic in the throne room where most of the tapestries fixed by Rarity hang.

The walk through the Everfree was beautiful. It snows there too and this time the snow was particularly sticky, adhering to every twig and bough. The usually grey and dreary forest turned soft, white and fluffy, almost cheery with a carpet of pure white at our hooves and the smell of fresh snow in the air. The air was still and quiet, disturbed only by the crunching of wet snow under our hooves and the occasional creak and groan of the boughs shifting under their heavy white burdens. Pinkie had brought her camera. Rarity had asked her to take a few pictures of the tapestries once they're back in their proper places. While we were walking through a more open stretch of the path, Dash borrowed Pinkie's camera and flew a few paces ahead to snap a candid picture of our procession through the white woods.

On the way we met the river serpent, preening in the mist rising off the water. He was very happy to see us again, showing off his gleaming scales and his moustache. It has mostly grown back, I was surprised to see that some strands of Rarity's tail remain mixed in the serpents whiskers. She really is skilled in these things.

At the castle ruins, Spike and I went to the library to return the books, Rarity had Dash and Fluttershy's help to lift and hook the tapestries, and Applejack and Pinkie prepared lunch. The books shelved and the tapestries hung, the highlight of our day was the picnic. Sprawled out on a big bright blanket in the snowy hall, open to the sky, we were surrounded by good food and gorgeous tapestries so bright and colorful they practically glowed. Our laughter filled the grand hall with cheer and echoed down the corridors. I could almost see the Princesses, young and proud, gazing down at us from their twin thrones. One day the castle will be rebuilt and ponies will return to the Everfree.
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Rarity, Spike, Pinkie and I went on a day trip to the Carerfilly Castle ruins, Princess Celestia and Princess Luna's old home deep in what is now the Everfree Forest. I wanted to borrow a few books on transdimensional compatibility theory, Rarity is fascinated by the tapestries, and Pinkie... well Pinkie wanted to gallop through the halls and try all the traps and slides, over and over again. I think she's going to build an amusement complex in Ponyville, as part of the fairgrounds. I'd better ask Applejack to help with the engineering... if she's planning another rock slide, it would be better that this time it's the ponies that slide on the rocks, and not the other way around.

By evening I'd found two promising books, Pinkie had donned a mustache and a cape (she's plotting for sure) and Rarity had Spike lugging four rolled up tapestries that she plans on mending. Pinkie dashed back to Ponyville ahead of us as we strolled through the gloom of the Everfree Forest, Rarity practically dancing with excitement at how she was going to spruce up our Friendship Castle in Ponyville, Spike hanging on to her every word.

It feels wonderful to be back on my cushion by the fire. A perfect day -- an excursion with some of my best friends to a place we all love, great plans for the future, and two new books to study. Life is good.


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