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Spike dragged his feet a bit yesterday morning so we weren't in the front row for Mayor Mare's speech, but close enough. She got us all raring to go, then the Team Leaders got to work splitting up their crews according the Winter Wrap Up itinerary that I'd made.

The first priority is clearing the snow off houses, trees and the higher elevations to avoid flooding the animal burrows. That required all of the weather crew, except for two flight crews who were pointed south to fetch the birds, and half the Animal Team.

The other half of the Animal Team got to the task of with stringing up the bells while Rarity started building nests.

The plant crew delivered Rarity's supplies and got down to clearing, plowing and planting the fields in a regimented formation. Snow plows are not as bereft of magic as they may first appear. The motor pushing a snow plow is an earth pony, and earth pony power and skill is magic. That's how they clear the snow so well. Yoke a manticore to the driver's bar and the best it would be able to do is push the snow. A manticore-powered winter wrap up would take weeks.

Once the higher snow had been cleared, the Animal Team reformed, picked up their animal care material and went to wake up the sleeping critters and help Rarity make and install nests. As the critters awoke to baskets of food, the weather team donned skates and went to score the ice by crisscrossing the lakes and ponds.

Fluttershy and her animal waking crew reported success. All the critters were awake, fed and their homes dusted clean. I tried to break up some clouds. It's harder than it looks.

Finally Rainbow Dash's Weather Team formed a controlled tornado and swept the skies clear, and what was left of the snow with it. The afternoon sun beamed down, breaking the ice and the free members of the Weather and Animal Teams joined the Plant Team in finishing up the planting and watering of the fields. The southern flocks arrived this morning to green fields and open water.

Applejack's Plant Team ponies are looking a lot perkier now that they have fresh dirt clinging to their hooves. I feel more awake now than I have in the past month. There must be something in the soil.

The sky is clear, the birds are singing and the air smells like spring. Winter wrapped up on time in Ponyville, check!

Spring is here.
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Winter Wrap Up starts at first light! It's still dark out. I can't wait! Got my All-Team-Organizer vest on and a projected optimal work flow that should respect the deadlines of all three teams. Should I go wake Spike already? We could get a front row view of Mayor Mare's speech!
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Today I went with the three Team Leaders to double check the inventory for tomorrow's Winter Wrap Up. Everything is present and accounted for at Sweet Apple Acres and at Town Hall. I got my All-Team-Organizer vest back from Rarity, all nicely adjusted again. Quills, ink, checklists! And Spike, of course. Ready to give 110%, which doesn't make sense, unless he's counting assistance from Owlowiscious.

Time for one last evening stroll in the snow.
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Winter Wrap Up is only four days away now. The weather ponies must be scraping out the bottom of their snow flake bins. There's fresh snow on the ground today, but it's all bits and pieces. I guess I won't see the sparkle of fresh snowflakes until next year.

I dropped in on Amethyst Star, Team Leader for the Animal Team. Her supplies are gathered and ready to go. She knows who to assign to what and where, we just have to plan out the timing a bit and it will be perfect.

Next I took Owlowiscious to our pet date, and Spike and my checklist too. While Winona chased snowballs and Angel dug tunnels in the snowbanks, I consulted Rainbow Dash and Applejack, the Team Leaders for the Weather and Plant Teams.

The carts, shovels, plows and bells are dusted, tuned, repaired and ready (check!). Seeds are properly identified and ready to plant, sticks, ribbons and straw all set to go (check check!). Ponyville ponies are old pros at WWU.

The plows, nest making and planting material and half the carts are to be stored at Applejack's, the rest of the material at the morning rendez-vous location, Town Hall. Sounds good to me. I'll double check the inventory with the team leaders on site the day before Winter Wrap Up, to be sure. Maybe we should number the shovels. And put the seeds in alphabetical order; and sort the straw and sticks by size!

Annnd, maybe not. A good friend knows when not to go overboard. I rolled up the checklist and Spike took a nap.

Owlowiscious had a great time hooting directions to Winona who was trying to find the snowballs she hadn't caught. Most of the time, all I could see of Angel was his ears poking out of a burrow. Opal watched from her pet carrier. She had declined to step out into the cold, wet snow. Tank and Gummy were absent. Tank was hibernating and Gummy was feeling sluggish, basking by the oven at Sugar Cube Corner. Snow's not his thing either.

It was a grey day and we didn't stay long. I woke Spike, called Owlowiscious and we all went home.
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Only five more days until Winter Wrap Up! I went with Spike to drop off my all-team-organizer coat at Rarity's place so she could adjust it for my wings and my bigger body. There were a few other ponies already there with their Winter Wrap Up jackets and about a dozen in a pile by Rarity's sewing machine. Oops. I could have not waited to the last moment, but what if I grew some more and had to get my coat adjusted twice?

I got my turn with Rarity and she'll be letting a bit out at the seams. She's not worried about getting all the jackets repaired and altered in time, as long as not too many more ponies show up at the last minute. Maybe I should include that in my Winter Wrap Up itinerary next year. A pre-Winter Wrap Up check list of supplies and a jacket maintenance schedule, alphabetically by name.

I'd better get Spike and go talk to the team leaders about supplies now, and start that check list. Or rather, tomorrow, when the sun's up.


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