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The crystal ponies must be happy. There are ribbons of colored light streaming across the night sky and at its source, the Crystal Empire. Their Winter Festival, the first in over a thousand years, is almost over. By all the accounts I've read, it has been a glowing success.

I was out on my balcony, stargazing with my Double Bridle refractor telescope when the flow started. I noticed it just as it started to meander south. At first the constellations moved to the sides to let the first flow pass, but as it branched and spread they let the flows pour over and around themselves. The wobbling flow of the ribbons of light was too much for the leo constellation. It cast all dignity to the wind and _pounced_ on a hot pink ribbon. The light burst into a puff of pink, and reconsolidated a little further on, only to be stalked again by a tail-twitching star cat. It was all very colorful, and as the ribbons intensified, I noticed that I was happy too.

By special invitation, Spike will be attending the closing ceremonies of the Winter Festival. He leaves for the Crystal Empire tomorrow morning.
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I met a few Crystal Empire ponies in town today. They were in town to deliver an order of naturally pastel hued lambs' felt to Rarity. They were taking advantage of the trip to do some sight-seeing, taking in the local flavor and shopping at the bazaar. They were hard to miss, I could see them sparkling in the crowd a field away.

In a way, Crystal Ponies are living relics from the distant past. It says something about pony society that even after being outside of the passage of time for a thousand years (and thus in a state of complete suspended entropy ... that was one impressive spell cast by Sombra!) the crystal ponies still fit in quite well, once they had broken Sombra's hold and shaken off the emotional scars of years of harsh slavery.

The Equestria Games helped a lot in that regard I'm sure, even if my friends and I had to play the role of guides to sway the opinion of Ms. Harshwhinny to make it happen. But in the Crystal Empire, the crops must grow, the seasons must be changed, and good will to others must be maintained, as it has been as far back as anyone can remember. This takes ponies. In the frozen north, it's the Crystal Ponies that are the best suited for the task.

And the books donated to me by their library are still pertinent to my studies, a thousand years later!


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