Royal Duty

Mar. 12th, 2015 09:17 pm
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With the crown comes the duty. I got up early yesterday morning, did everything on my checklist (it's so satisfying to tick off those little boxes) and stepped out my door just as the twilight met the dawn. The chariot that Princess Celestia had sent to collect me was ready and waiting. I got in and gave the two white royal guard pegasi the go ahead. As the sun climbed, pink, orange and yellow into the sky, so did we, flying fast and true to the mountain city of Canterlot.

It was a cold trip through the crisp winter air and hunkered down in the chariot, I was glad for my scarf and my red cowled horse blanket. We set down at the entrance of the castle where a livery pony took my garments and led me to the hall where I had breakfast with Princess Celestia and Princess Luna. They filled me in on protocol and what to expect. Breakfast over, we went to the Grand Hall where the mayors and officials from across Equestria were assembled.

This was the Annual Assembly of Equestrian Municipal Affairs where a representative of each municipality reported on their affairs and economic contribution Equestrian society. They all addressed us, but apart from Princess Luna's speech from the throne, we did not speak. Chairpony Flax Bit and the Royal Committee on Equestrian Finance and Civic Affairs received the speakers one by one, asked all the questions and noted all the grievances. We just made the whole proceedings official. It was a long day.

I could have kicked for a book to read. Trying hard not to fidget. Some of those ponies just seemed to drone on and on. Princess Celestia must have been meditating, I don't know how she managed to look so serene through the whole proceedings. Lunch break was a relief, and then it was back to the thrones on the high platform and trying to look regal. I bet Princess Cadence was happy for me to be sitting in for her.

Mid afternoon Mayor Mare gave her report, projecting an increase in crop production to make up for last year's shortfall. Each municipality also submitted a written report. I could have just read those in half the time.

Early supper break, and back to the assembly. Only a few more towns to go.

The last municipality gave their report and we retired while the committee deliberated and the princesses set the sun and raised the moon. Then we sat down one last time for the committee's closing remarks and to sign and seal the register.

Luna's personal guard and chariot were waiting for me in the castle courtyard. Luna's moon was rising large and luminous among the dazzling stars. I could hear the chatter of ponies and the sound of a string quartet in the garden. I drew my cloak about me, straightened my crown and stepped into the chariot. The two black pegasi spread their wings and whisked me off through the brisk night air. Home, to the quiet and comfort, to my books. Away from the turbulent crowds.
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After meeting up with Rarity, Fluttershy and Pinkie Pie at the spa, Rarity invited us over for tea. Fluttershy had a pet-grooming appointment and Pinkie had Pound Cake and Pumpkin Cake to go sit, so it was just me and Rarity in her Boutique.

Rarity prepared a pot of jasmine tea, put on Beethooven's Pasture Symphony and we chatted about the tapestries and library in the Carerfilly castle ruins. We really should fix the damage. The rift between the royal sisters is no more and the gaping wounds in that old structure should be repaired as well.

I couldn't stay long and I left Rarity's boutique shortly after drinking my tea. Tomorrow I have to go on royal business to Canterlot and I will be gone all day. I'm all freshly groomed thanks to the spa ponies, but I have some chapters I need to read and a checklist to make before bed. A chariot will arrive to pick me up right at dawn.
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I'm back from Canterlot where I had a great time shopping for cloth, thread and wool with Rarity, Fluttershy and Spike. It felt good to prance through the cobbled streets again, sample the old specialty treats and share in the delights with friends with an eye for design. On our way back from acquiring the very best that Canterlot had to offer on Silk Row, we dropped into Hoity Toity's Best of the Best Boutique where some of Rarity's dresses are on display. I'd say that her dresses are a cut above the other garments picked out by Hoity Toity. Rarity was particularly excited about a dress that sparkled with tiny flowers picked out in gemstones. Fluttershy noted that legwarmers were making a comeback. I sure hope not.

Soon after, while walking down the Esplanade, we bumped into Fancy Pants. Not literally bumped into him, but it was a close call, Spike had trouble seeing where he was going under all those boxes and bags. Fancy Pants is fun to talk to, and as he had a few minutes, we stopped at a café for café au lait and éclairs to chat.

We sat at a table outside in the sunlight, conversation wafting lazily over steaming cups coffee brewed to perfection. Spike sitting on our mound of parcels and stuffing himself on éclairs. In passing, Fancy Pants mentioned Rarity's friend, Rainbow Dash, the Trainer of the Wonderbolts. I tried not to choke with laughter on my café au lait while Rarity carefully steered the conversation away to less perilous grounds. Fluttershy was blushing like a beet. Spike looked puzzled for a moment but he caught on. I think his huge grin cancelled out any points his silence may have won him in Rarity's esteem.

Before leaving us, Fancy Pants invited us to the Royal Lipizzaner Ballet, four seats in his box that evening. We accepted and it was wonderful! Muscular stallions stomping, spinning and doing caprioles! What's not to love!

We retired to our rooms at Canterlot Castle late that night, visions of Lipizzaners dancing in our heads. Except maybe Spike. He fell asleep at some point in the third act. I lifted him gently off my back and tucked him into his cot, still fast asleep.

It was fun, but now it feels good to be back home, to my own bed and to my books.


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