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I was having trouble sleeping last night so I checked in a few times to see if Starlight Glimmer was up too. OK, maybe more than a few times, but all I could see was that Starlight was thrashing about a bit and muttering in her sleep. I couldn't make out what she was saying. I must have nodded off because suddenly it was sunrise and by the time I cast the music box spell again I had just missed her. She was no longer in bed but I caught a glimpse of her walking out onto the balcony and I could hear her talking with Princess Celestia and Princess Luna. The Friendship problem had been solved! Her "gut feeling" plan to make the princesses experience each others duties for a day had worked! I grabbed a toothbrush and teleported straight over so Starlight Glimmer could tell me all about it in person.

She told me that Princess Luna had had a rough day in Princess Celestia's hoofboots and that it had been very tiring following her all day. Starlight said that she had become so exhausted that she wasn't able to accompany Princess Celestia like she had planned, so Princess Celestia went alone as she assumed Princess Luna's role of Princess Of The Night. But the stress of hoping that her strategy would work gave Starlight one tartarus tier of a nightmare, a nightmare that involved both princesses and their evil counterparts fighting it out until Princess Celestia succeeded in vaporizing both evil alicorns. And then she woke up to find the Royal Sisters reconciled.

We celebrated by having breakfast at Joe's Doughnut Shop and browsing in a few bookshops before catching the train back to Ponyville. Starlight Glimmer also bought some lavender blooms for her room. She said Princess Luna recommends them for lending ponies a restful sleep, and after that nightmare she had had, a lavender bouquet sounded like a good idea.

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I keep saying wow! But that's some wacky events that happened!


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