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The map table activated this afternoon, shortly after Spike got back from the Crystal Empire. He was passing by the throne room on his way to get a late lunch and he saw the table transform into a topographic map of Equestria. He ran to get me and I got there just after Starlight Glimmer. It was her cutie mark that was circling a spot on the map, and that spot was Canterlot. I can still hardly believe it, The map called a pony who doesn't have a throne in the castle and sent them to Canterlot. What's even more unnerving is that the Friendship Problem is probably between the two royal princesses. That's like the worse case scenario. While the three of us were staring at the map I tried to believe it was something else, two cooks disagreeing on a recipe, or the royal hairdressers arguing over combs, but now Starlight has told me she thinks there is something eating at the friendship between the two princesses. She went to see them when she got to Canterlot this evening, seeing that she was on a Friendship task and sent there by the map itself, all of which is very unusual and worth telling the princesses. Princess Celestia and Princess Luna claimed that everything was fine in the royal household but Starlight Glimmer thinks they may be in denial. I found out all this because I cast a spell that I'd learned not long ago from Transformations and Transportations, The Magic Of Being Two Places At Once. It allows you to appear as a wind-up music box figure halfway across Equestria where you can talk to anypony in the room. It's like Moondancer's Haycartes spell variant, only better. The Princesses have provided a room for Starlight while she's in Canterlot looking for and solving the Map quest. Starlight has decided she's going start tomorrow morning by accompanying the princesses during their routines, she wants to see if there is any merit to her gut feeling that something is not right in the royal sisters' friendship.

I'm nearly walleyed with worry. What if she's right? What if Princess Luna has a new nervous breakdown, so soon after returning from one thousand years of exile? That could be disastrous! The Tree sent Starlight Glimmer to solve this?? Maybe the table has still not recovered from the time Starlight Glimmer used it as a catalyst for a modified Starswirl time travel spell. What's next, the Map summons the Cutie Mark Crusaders? Or Zecora? Or even Trixie? I'd ask Starlight Glimmer more questions but she's gone to sleep. How can anypony sleep in a time like this?

Date: 2017-06-15 04:58 am (UTC)
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Wow! That is crazy, and pretty worring! But I'm sure Starlight can handle it!


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