May. 19th, 2017

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I had a pretty wild day today. It started out sane enough with Nurse Redheart who came trotting up to my door. She has a whole classroom of sick foals who have wound up in hospital with the horsey hives. According to her, something happened to them during the Picnic in the Fields. Since it fell on a school day, they went to the picnic as a class. All the foals had a great time picnicking with their classmates, but the next day, the foals in one class started looking a little bleary. That afternoon had been set aside for the class picture, and by then it was apparent that the entire class was breaking out with urticaria. It turns out that that class, in a fit of high spirits, had gone rolling in a sandy area during the picnic. There may have been ants there or all the foals may have become overheated in the sunshine. Whatever the cause, 24 hours later they looked lumpy and miserable, just in time for the class picture. So now they're recovering in a hospital ward. Most of them are feeling either itchy, feverish or both, and all of them are feeling down about the whole ordeal. At least this urticaria isn't contagious. So this morning Nurse Redheart had the idea that a visit from me could cheer them up. I thought that was a great idea and after she returned with a time for my visit (lunch time), I made plans with Spike to sweeten the deal with cupcakes, read them a story, and give them each a small gift.

Then Shining Armor and Princess Cadence showed up with Flurry Heart and asked me if I could look after her for the day. Of course! I could run all my errands with Spike and my niece, she would get nice long walk through Ponyville, meet a bunch of foals and I would read a story to everypony! What could be simpler? Turns out that keeping an eye on a highly mobile foal while running errands and holding conversations isn't quite that easy. I didn't give Flurry Heart enough attention and she knocked over a few too many things in the shops I went to. And erased Cheerilee's notes off her blackboard, and caused havoc in the hospital. Next time I foalsit my niece I'll give her my undivided attention the whole time.


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