Apr. 21st, 2017

Down Pour

Apr. 21st, 2017 11:24 pm
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At sundown I was on my balcony, my Double Bridle night and day refractor telescope pointed out to the sky above Sweet Apple Acres, fresh quills, scrolls and ink on a table at my side. A fresh pot of Zecora's chocolate peppermint tea too. It's day four of the zap apple season and I was not going to miss the shooting stars!

Earlier today I picked up the Hearth's Warming doll that Rarity had made, packed it along with some fur-leaf tea Starlight Glimmer had bought for me last time she was in the Crystal Empire, and trotted off into the Everfree forest. There I ran right into a downpour.

Last year I stumbled into one of the Everfree's psychotropic spring rains, a light drizzle that had me feeling a little too carefree for my own good in an environment teeming with dangers. This time the rain did not give me euphoria. Instead, this downpour was a real downer. I was soon berating myself for not bringing an umbrella (into a forest!), then I became sad that my mane was wet and droopy, I was sure that the puddles were ruining my hooves and I was going to end up lame. What a terrible excuse of an academic. I slowed down to sulk, but there were spring peekers everywhere. Watching me, judging me, making comments on my worth in their bell-like chirps. That drove me forward until I fairly stumbled into Zecora cottage. I nearly turned tail but before I could bolt, Zecora opened her door and called me in. She parked me in front of the hearth where I stood like a sad wet mop, staring at the flames and dripping. Eventually Zecora got me to drink something hot and zingy and my mind crawled back to the land of the living. Then I noticed the lingering stench of skunk cabbage.

So I didn't stay long. Over some more of that hot sharp tea, I shared some Ponyville gossip and news with Zecora. I gave her the fur-leaf tea and the doll, both kept perfectly dry by my saddle bags. Zecora put the miniature Zecora doll up on a shelf to watch over her, a little bit of pony culture to keep her company. Then, chewing on peppermint sticks to ward off whatever mood the Everfree weather might throw at me, I left Zecora and walked back home through the rising mists and the occasional chirp of a spring peeker.

In the dusk that followed Princess Celestia's sun to bed, the shooting stars streaked over Sweet Apple Acres. Right on schedule.


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