Apr. 3rd, 2017

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The winter shed is over! To celebrate, Rarity reserved a time slot for the seven of us. First off, before entering the spa proper, we were vigorously brushed to get the last of the old coat out of our hair. The spa ponies are relieved the molt is over. It's always a chore to try and keep everything, the sauna, the mud baths, the hot tub especially, clear of molted hair. It doesn't help that the spa is especially popular during the itchy winter molt period.

After getting brushed and declared fit to proceed, we went into the sauna to sweat and chat. Rarity has completed two dozen felted pony dolls already. She's mailed ten to Manehattan, ten to Canterlot, and she has four on display in her Ponyville boutique. I asked her if she could make a felted Hearth's Warming doll for Zecora. She said that black and white pony hair is hard to find, especially black pony hair, but that can be fixed with a little dye. Fluttershy is keen to go to the Biome Management Conference next week with Amethyst Star. The excursion for this year's conference is to see cloud hopper colonies by balloon. Now that everypegasus's wing feathers have grown in, Rainbow Dash will be heading off to Spring Training with the Wonderbolts bright and early tomorrow. Starlight Glimmer is considering visiting Sunburst for a few days to discuss some advanced magic spells.

After the sauna, we split up into smaller groups. Rarity hit the mud, Dash went for an aromatic oil massage and feather waxing, I soaked in the hot tub with Pinkie and Applejack, and Fluttershy and Starlight tried the seaweed wrap. We met in the lobby and stepped out together into bright sunshine. We concluded our coat changeover celebration by going to Sugar Cube Corner for fresh baked cookies.


twilightpony: Big tree with windows and door, fall foliage (Default)
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