Apr. 2nd, 2017

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It was about time I visited Zecora. In Ponyville spring is in full swing, but you don't know what to expect in the Everfree forest. I packed two cloaks, a white one and grey one, just in case. Then I went to the market to find something fresh to take to Zecora. Everything green is still in short supply. I found some alfalfa sprouts, some fresh cut timothy grass greens and some dandelion greens. That was a bit disappointing so I bought a lemon poppy seed bread, some apple butter and four different cupcakes. Then I made my way to the Everfree forest.

Sure enough, it looks like it snowed recently in the forest. I stepped out of the bright sunshine and warm spring smells of the Ponyville meadow and into the gloomy moldering smell of the Everfree. I put on the white cloak, but I left it open. The air was warm and even with most of my winter coat molted, I felt hot in the cloak. The heat was causing the snow to sublime in higher elevations in the forest and a temperature inversion was driving that moisture laden air down to where I was walking, making fog. The clouds of the Everfree move on their own. I don't think I'll ever get used to that.

With the fog on my path, I could only see a little ways in any direction. That was not at all reassuring. The forest was so quiet, like a deathly silence broken only by the snow crunching under my hooves. I tried to walk stealthily. I felt like some dire creature would surely hear me coming long before I could see them. At least my white cloak made me harder to see in the fog.

Eventually I found Zecora's house, and to my relief, she was home. Zecora is already looking all shiny and new in her summer coat. She never gets as fluffy as us ponies in the winter, but she does grow a winter undercoat. I told her about Rarity's felting project and my doubts at being useful in advancing Starlight Glimmer's studies any further. Zecora is a good listener.

I headed back home a few hours later. The fog had dissipated and it even looked like the sun might peek through the gloom. I think I could hear the chirp of an early spring peeker. They usually chirp at night. They're mostly harmless creatures with big eyes. Back in Ponyville at last, I took off my camouflage cloak. I wonder if Rarity could make Zecora a Hearth's Warming doll? I think I'll ask her, before she runs out of raw material.


twilightpony: Big tree with windows and door, fall foliage (Default)
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