Mar. 13th, 2017

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I went to pick up my all-team-organizer vest at the Carousel Boutique and found Rarity surrounded by anxious ponies carrying Winter Wrap Up team vests that need mending. There were more vests awaiting repair next to her, piled withers high, pinned, identified and awaiting repair. The finished vests were on a rack in the back. I waited my turn. After Rarity came back with my altered vest, I asked her if she needed anything for her bird's nests. She said that she has all the ribbons she needs, but I could check with the Plant Team to see that they had collected enough sticks, graded by size and ready for delivery. So I put my folded up vest into my saddle bag and trotted off to see Applejack.

I found Applejack and Big MacIntosh lining up snow plows for inspection and repair. I told her that I was here on Rarity's behalf to see if her order of nest sticks was ready. Applejack brought me round to the storage area of her barn and pointed to 8 bales of straw and a giant, graded and neatly stacked tower of nest-sized sticks. Fresh, green and flexible, enough for several hundred nests. I started my checklist. Nest-making supplies, check. Inspection of snow plows, check. I added an item -- consult last year's checklist for items to add to my Pre-Winter Wrap Up checklist. I will need that when I make the rounds with the team leaders in a few days.


twilightpony: Big tree with windows and door, fall foliage (Default)
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