Feb. 23rd, 2017

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Pinkie bounced into my library while I was reshelving the 'm's (should Making Magnifying Optics from Magnetic Materials be under optics, magnets or levitation?). The Hearth's Warming party is a go! She's already started to put up posters. I finished up shelving the 'm's and I went to find Rarity. Together we went to Town Hall to see what we could borrow to decorate the entrance hall of the castle.

We signed out quite a few decorations, probably more than enough to make that cavernous lobby festive looking. While Rarity sorted and stacked the lights, ornaments and bolts of cloth she was going to borrow, I went to Sweet Apple Acres to fetch Applejack and her cart. Applejack was too busy going through her pie tins, lining up her bags of flour and getting apples out of storage to pull a cart at the moment, so Big MacIntosh came back with me instead. By the time we got to Town Hall, Rarity had built up quite a pile. She was especially enthusiastic about the sleigh bells she'd found and the shiny gold streamers. It all barely fit into the cart.

Pinkie caught up with us as Big MacIntosh gingerly pulled Rarity's mountain of decorations toward the castle. Applejack is in charge of pies, the Cakes are baking pastries, there is going to be a big cauldron of hot cinnamon spiced apple juice for everypony, as well as candy canes and Chancellor Puddinghead plum pudding. Then Pinkie galloped off to round up the candy and start juicing apples.

We got to the castle and unloaded the cart, and while we were doing that Rarity recruited Big MacIntosh to bring her a big fir trees and several small ones, as many as he could fit in the cart. She is going to set up a tree and make a lot of wreaths. So far she has wrapped ribbons around everything.


twilightpony: Big tree with windows and door, fall foliage (Default)
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