Feb. 15th, 2017

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There are a dozen Hearth's Warming spell parties in progress all around Ponyville. Pinkie has been setting the mood, lighting bonfires, getting ponies to share stories, sing songs, tell jokes and believe or not, to play Tangle. My job has been to cast the Hearth's Warming spell, to check in to make sure it's still strong at each group, and to set up a rotating schedule for the ponies Pinkie picks for each group. This party must not end until Winter goes home!

There are also three flying parties tasked with rescuing Dodge City, Appleoosa and Las Pegasus. We also hope they find Cheese Sandwich. They go equipped with sealed jugs of Zecora's reviving brew and they have the tricky task keeping the Hearth's Warming spell going as they fly.

Mail delivery has stopped, so have the trains. It's dangerous to travel alone, so everypony leaving town goes with friends and takes flasks of Zecora's green brew; the fire of friendship burning in their hearts and Zecora's marvelous elixir in their bellies. Tomorrow we'll be sending out pony parties traveling by hoof, charged with spreading magical cheer to small towns, farms and homesteads in all directions.

I received news from Canterlot -- I contacted Moondancer via Haycartes. Moondancer is spearheading Hearth's Warming Spell parties in Canterlot with the help of Minuette, Twinkleshine, Lemon Hearts and Lyra Heartstrings. Lemon Hearts is a Canterlot palace event organizer so she has been a big help. She was a little slow out of the gate, because of the dreams. She remembered only too well getting trapped by Winter the first time and her losing struggle to help Moondancer to ward off the windigo with the Hearth's Warming spell. The return of those dreams had led her into a panic. But organizing Hearth's Warming spell parties has allowed her to regain her self control by doing what she does best. The spell parties are strategically scattered throughout the city as all of Canterlot is affected equally. Some ponies warm up and join the parties slower than others, but eventually the giant flaming heart gets everypony to shake off Winter's influence. Thus, we won't need to revive Canterlot, but Canterlot should be able to send parties by train to Batimare and Manehattan soon.

I hope the Crystal Empire is weathering this attack. If any ponies are adept at turning back wild winter weather, it's the crystal ponies and their Crystal Heart.

Getting trapped and helpless like this, time and again, is getting old. Maybe if I'd chosen a different line of research, something a bit more academic, like gravity waves and quantum mechanics...


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