Jan. 21st, 2017

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Fluttershy came knocking on my door today. She brought some homemade carrot chip peppermint cookies, those that she could keep out of reach of Angel. They were really very good, I imagined Angel back at Fluttershy's cottage, snoring in his cot in a carrot cookie coma. I made some jasmine tea to go with the cookies and as we chatted, Fluttershy revealed what it was that had spurred her to drop by.

After Rarity's excitement over the mention of our evening wear in the society pages, it occurred to Fluttershy that maybe the other ponies at the dinner had paid a lot to be there. She wondered how much her seat at the dinner cost, she hoped that it had been free, she didn't want to be a burden. Well, it wasn't free, but I just told her it was way, way less than the usual price, which is true. It was about what a normal, good dinner and a show should cost, divided by two since we both had dinner. Thus, a very good deal for a fancy dinner and an interesting lecture, made all the better by going with a friend. Truth be told, the dinner itself was spare and more interesting to look at than to eat, but that meant we spent more time talking with Dr DeGraas and less time being distracted by food. So we touched tea cups and toasted to friendship and good food and I ate another cookie. By the time Fluttershy left, we'd eaten them all. Don't tell Spike.

I had paid for Fluttershy's seat before we'd left, of course. When I had first inquired, the Society had written back to tell me that seating at an In The Field dinner is very limited, especially at the VIP table, so yes I can bring guests and no it is not free. One guest at my table will cost me thirty bits and my guest and I might have to sit at one of the regular tables if the VIP table is full. Any subsequent guests will have to reserve their own seating at the usual rate of three hundred bits and the reservations fill up weeks before the lecture. That's a lot of bits.


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