Mar. 16th, 2017

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We're back from Canterlot. I liked the talk. A.K. Yearling recounted how three villages live in the warm shadow of an active volcano and cooperate through the use of magical artifacts to keep the volcano from blowing its top. Of course I've read the book, but that was written as a mystery to be solved, whereas last night it was more like a Friendship lesson. I think Dash was bored, but she perked up when A.K. Yearling joined us at the VIP table. We got to talking about the Idol of Boreas of Griffonstone, our trek through the eternal night of the frozen North to rescue Moondancer and Lemon Hearts, and professor Quest's Epona discovery. Yearling wouldn't say much of Daring Do's new standing as a member of the Magical Counsel of the Ancients and her quest to find all twenty-two Enchanted Artifacts of the Ancients. We'll have to wait for the book. And I got my copy of Daring Do and the Sapphire Stone signed!

I spoke with Mayor Mare today. The team leaders are busy getting prepared, making sure every pony knows what their jobs will be. Dash has wasted no time rounding up her pegasi and handing out assignments. And a compass for Ditsy Do. Ditsy is good with birds, not so good with directions.


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