Mar. 10th, 2017

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Royal duty called me out of bed a few hours before sunrise today. I would like to say that my silky smooth coat of shiny and perfumed fur made slipping out of bed easier, but that would be untrue. It did make brushing easier. It was so early that Starlight Glimmer was just on her way to bed when I met her in the hall on my way to the kitchen for something to snack on. By twilight I was the only pony awake in the castle. I collected my crown and packed it with the last two issues of the Canterlot Explorer's Society quarterly journal into my saddlebag. I didn't expect to have time to read, but just in case I did, it felt good to be prepared. In the lobby I put on a scarf and my deep red winter cloak with the sparkling dragon-cut gems in the hem. As I stepped out into the predawn light, two pegasi pulling Celestia's chariot landed right in front of me. The sun rose.

I had breakfast with the princesses and I had a refresher on today's protocol (no changes had been made), then it was off to the Grand Hall. There, Luna gave the speech from the throne and then each municipality gave their report. Since all the talking was done by chairpony Flax Bit, the Royal Committee on Equestrian Finance and Civic Affairs and the municipal representatives, I had lots of time to practice on remaining focused. But not on my breathing. Practicing breathing exercises while being ceremonially addressed by municipally appointed representatives is right out. So is napping.

Lunch break was a relief. My left haunch had gone to sleep and I resisted the temptation to stretch until we had been escorted out of the hall. I requested a thicker cushion for the afternoon session.

By supper time the accumulated written reports submitted by each representative after their oral reports were in three tall piles on the table in front of the Royal Committee. I fantasized sorting the reports and using a rainbow array of colored stickers to cross reference common trends.

The last representative submitted her report just before sunset. We retired and while the committee deliberated, Princess Celestia lowered the sun and Princess Luna raised the moon. I remembered what a shaky job of that I'd done during the Tirek affair. Soon we were back in the Grand Hall to receive the closing remarks and to sign and seal the register. Ceremonial duty, check.

Luna's winged guard whisked me home in Luna's chariot, away from Canterlot and the chatter of small talk in the palace garden and ballroom. Home to quiet Ponyville and to my front door, to my closest friends and to the company of my books.


twilightpony: Big tree with windows and door, fall foliage (Default)
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