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There's news on the social use of the cross referencing version of the Haycartes book reading spell. Not only it has it not died out due to the incompatibility of most books, but it has gained a bit in popularity. The more sensationalist rags, like the Natural Equinerer, have been having a hay day with this new threat to the health and well-being of our colts and fillies. Rarity brought me a bunch of articles from Canterlot and Manehattan, stories of herds of young ponies falling out of book-bags carried past the anti-Haycartes barrier outside of public libraries and bookstores. Whole neighborhoods emptying of young ponies until the wee hours, up to Luna only knows what manor of mischief, leaving their parents wall eyed with panic. In short, it's the beginning of "the downfall of Equestria as thousands of bookworms spend all their free time indulging in this confusing fantasy bookverse game instead of the pony ideals of hard work, family and the Equestrian Way". So says the The Hay We Choose.

This is rediculous since a pony can normally only manetain a Haycartes spell for about half an hour before needing to rest. The Hay We Choose tells of ponies reported to have banned all printed material from their houses for fear that PHS ponies might use it to spy on them and that small herds of concerned citizens have tried to pressure their city councilors to remove reading and writing from the school curriculum. The Hay We Choose also has at least one I Foaled a Monster story each week, as well as Celestia's Secret Stud Herd, miracle rainbow hooficure in a bottle, the dangers of tooth floating and other nonsense. Same goes for the Natural Equinerer. I don't see what Rarity gets out of these rags.

I've been a bit quiet in my journal lately. I didn't have any news, at least nothing that seemed worth writing down.
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