Jul. 4th, 2017 11:56 pm
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I was overdue for a trip to the spa. It's summer, it's hot and humid and feeling sweaty and sticky just becomes the norm. It was getting harder to brush the rats out of my mane and I was about ready to give up on keeping my flight feathers straight. Rolling in the dust in that bare spot behind the castle probably didn't help make my coat any shinier either. So I went to the spa after breakfast. To my surprise, Fluttershy was in the waiting room, leafing through the fashion magazines. From the look of her mane, quite a few mice had been nesting in it and she smelled a bit like she'd been out helping frogs migrate again. She also looked and sounded like a pony who has been up night and day tending to a few too many orphans for her own good. Kind of like my brother after Flurry Hearts was foaled. I made my appointment at the reception and we waited for our turns and for Rarity to arrive.

Rarity came in, looking like a thousand bits, and was instantly appalled at how we had let ourselves go. My excuse is books and Fluttershy, well, she's busy too. I don't think Rarity bought our stories. Fortunately, the lecture on skin pH, open pores and unsightly things that get wedged into the frogs of your hooves if you aren't eternally vigilant was cut short when Lotus opened the door and ushered us in. First stop, a thorough scrub down.

It feels really good to have two ponies with brushes scrubbing out the grime in all those hard to reach places. I must have been particularly filthy because I began to wonder if they were going to run out of hot water. Applejack has been to the boiler room here, maybe she could tell me what the hot water reservoir capacity is. Once I was clean enough, they dried me off, wrapped me in fragrant towels and I went to join Rarity and Fluttershy for an hoof trim, a hoof-softening soak and a hooficure. I think Fluttershy slept through that and the feather waxing. Rarity had a mud mask on and cucumber slices over her eyes and she did most of the talking. She has three local ponies displaying and selling their fashion lines in her Carousel Boutique and it has taken some of the pressure off of running boutiques in three different towns, but it also means less space for her own creations.

We emerged from the spa fragrant, shiny and groomed and we made a bee line to Sugarcube Corner for some spiced summer grass smoothies. Fluttershy was itching to get back to her cottage before her orphans got too restless and Rarity had a meeting scheduled at her boutique, so we all trotted off on our separate ways with our cool drinks.
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