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There are five more days to go until Ponyville's Picnic in the Fields and Mayor Mare gave us another announcement from the top of the Town Hall stairs. This year there will be a punch and beverage contest. There will be tables, glasses and awnings set up to allow twenty contestants enter up to three beverages each. There will be judging and ribbons awarded in four categories: hot, cold, juice and slurry. There must be enough of each beverage to serve 50 ponies a small glass of each. She had entry forms on a table at the foot of the stairs and I picked up three, one for each of the beverage making ponies I know, Applejack, Pinkie and Zecora. Pinkie was out, apparently meeting with ponies in preparation for the picnic. She probably already had a form and she might be too busy to make punch, but I left one with Mrs Cake to give to her, just in case. Applejack was out too. I left her a form on her kitchen table. Then I packed a jar of zap apple jam and trotted off to Zecora's house in the Everfree.

The Everfree is looking as dreary as ever, but sprinkled in among the brilliant green skunk cabbage leaves and unfurling ferns are little forest flowers, white, pink, yellow and shocking blood red. Pretty but wild. The forest smells of wet, rotting wood, decaying leaves and dangerous beasts. I longed for wide open spaces where I could see danger in plenty of time to flee.

To my relief, Zecora was home. I told her about Mayor Mare's announcements and I gave her the third entry form for the beverage contest. Zecora is an expert in liquid refreshments and I soon convinced her to enter. We filled out the form right there so I could drop it off at Town Hall on my way back. I didn't stay long, just enough to have a cup of tea and to give Zecora the jar of zap apple jam. Then I headed home, picking some Everfree trout-lily leaves on the way.
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