May. 29th, 2017

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Spike went prospecting for gems in the gem cave with Rarity this morning, as planned, but he came back early. He told me that while they were picking gems and keeping a weather eye out for some chartreuse, they met Maud and Pinkie in the cave. Rarity became distraught and abruptly left, leaving Spike holding the basket, after Maud told her that all the gems in the cave were common. So Spike came to get me.

We went over to the Carousel Boutique to see Rarity. We found her eating a lot of peppermint chocolate chunk ice cream. She had planned on enhancing a gown design with chartreuse and wearing it to Countess Coloratura's next album release party, but with Maud's statement that chartreuse, like all the other gems in the cave, were not rare, Rarity was having an existential crisis. Much of Rarity's inspirations revolved around gems, and the rarer the gems the better. So being told that these sparkly crystalline rocks were common, even though she had trouble obtaining them, was a blow to her muse. If chartreuse isn't rare, how could she call it, or a gown adorned with it, a Rarity? Ergo, she was drowning her sorrow in ice cream. Spike quipped that rare or not, they still taste about the same. I don't think that helped much.

I pointed out that what a specialist like Maud considers a rare rock might not line up with what most ponies consider rare. Furthermore, it's not the materials that matter, but what you made with them. For instance, the Hearth's Warming dolls she had made with our shed winter fluff and how she had created a whole line of chic wear out of hotel curtains, bed linens and such the like. That cheered her up. And there you go, a Friendship Lesson!


twilightpony: Big tree with windows and door, fall foliage (Default)
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