May. 4th, 2017

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I felt like stretching my legs a bit this afternoon, I just needed an excuse to get out. So I packed my saddle bags with my Piaffle game and my trusty Whinnypiafficon on one side and half a tub of vanilla oat swirl ice cream on the other and I went to see if I could tempt Fluttershy into playing a game. It turned out that not only was Fluttershy in a mood to play Piaffle, she proposed we find a spot in the western pasture to play. It was a warm day with just a slight breeze, a good day to relax in the grass. Fluttershy took a few minutes to gather up a picnic blanket, her tea set, a few bowls and her pet bunny, then we set off for the western pasture.

We'd barely walked a dozen paces when Pinkie leaped of nowhere and near made us bolt right out of our skins. Long story short, we ended up being three ponies, and a bunny, out soaking up the sun around a scrabble game, drinking tea, nibbling the grass and eating half melted ice cream. It was a fun game, Pinkie managed to bridge two triple word scores with one word! After that, Pinkie's win was pretty much a foregone conclusion. Pinkie told us that her sister was due to finish her dissertation soon and earn a Rocktorate. I hadn't known that Maud was that close to finishing. Pinkie is very proud of her sister and excited. But then, when is Pinkie not excited?

It's going to be a good night for watching shooting stars tonight. The best time, according to the Astronomer's Almanac, will be about an hour or so before the dawn. I'm either going to pull an all night vigil, or get up well before Celestia raises the sun. I think I'll get up early.


twilightpony: Big tree with windows and door, fall foliage (Default)
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