Apr. 28th, 2017

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It was really warm out today, almost summer-like, with blue skies and bright sunshine and only a light breeze. I decided that it was too nice to stay indoors in our cold rock castle when I could take my reading outside. I set up a parasol on the bigger balcony in such a way that I could soak up the sunshine with my hind quarters while soaking up literature in the shade with my eyes. Starlight Glimmer and Trixie joined me on the balcony, each with their own reading material. I saw that Starlight was having Trixie read The Art of Invisibility Spells. From the grumbling and the number of times that she whispered questions to Starlight, I gather that Trixie was finding that book a slow wallow.

By late morning Cloudsdale drifted in over Ponyville's fields and several squads of weather ponies arrived, pulling in flotillas of rain clouds. While they set up, we collected our books and brought them inside. I went back out to watch the weather ponies at work. The cloud layer was just a bit lower than the top spire of the castle, so I had a good view as the pegasi knitted the clouds together. Then, as I watched, there was a wave of rain that started at one end of the cloud bank and ran all the way to the other end. On top of the clouds and out of sight, pegasi galloped and bounded across the fluffy stratocumulus field they had made, triggering the clouds to release a light spring rain. It was still very warm and it really felt good to stand there in the rain with my head down, feeling the warm water run in rivulets down my neck, back and sides.

The light rain cooled the air, but the ground below was still warm from the morning sun. That created updrafts of warm air, some of which followed the castle walls and flowed onto the balcony. The air currents brought with them the delicious smells of spring. Fresh green growth, small spring flowers and catkins, the wet embrace of mist, and the rich odor of loam. I closed my eyes and drank in the moment. I think spring is my favorite time of year.


twilightpony: Big tree with windows and door, fall foliage (Default)
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