Apr. 27th, 2017

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We met up at the train station this morning, all hot to trot for this friendship retreat I'd booked for us. We were off to have fun, fun fun!

Spike, Starlight Glimmer and Trixie had the castle to themselves for the day. They saw us off as we boarded the train and Starlight Glimmer thoughtfully gave us a bag of salty pretzels before the train left. So the first thing we looked for when we arrived was a water fountain. Then, following the directions that Manehattan Escapes had sent me, we checked in and got locked into our room! It was loads of fun solving all the puzzles that eventually gave us the key to the door. We would have cracked it faster but we stalled before turning the key. We missed beating the record for that room by a few seconds. Rainbow Dash was a little disappointed by that, but it wasn't like we were going to win an award. Maybe we'll go back some day and try another of their locked rooms.

It was a fun challenge that called on each of us in one way or another, like Fluttershy's delicate precision, Rarity's eye for jewels and Rainbow Dash's speed. But it wasn't what everypony imagined a "retreat" to be. I think Rarity expected something called "Manehattan Escapes" to be more like a resort hotel.

It was still early when we disembarked back in Ponyville and Rarity suggested we go to spa. We all agreed that going to the spa was a good idea and a great way to end a fun day. So after telling Starlight that we were back and going to the spa, we followed Rarity to her favorite retreat. Ponyville held together while we were gone and I couldn't help noting that the castle was neither on fire nor in ruins. Well, maybe the spa ponies looked a little lost, Aloe saying something about missing a massage table they'd don't remember having. Otherwise, same old peaceful Ponyville.


twilightpony: Big tree with windows and door, fall foliage (Default)
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