Mar. 5th, 2017

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Sure enough, Pinkie, Applejack and Rainbow Dash were down by the lake lacing their skates up right after breakfast. Pinkie had dropped in on the way to urge us to come watch, so around mid morning Spike, Starlight Glimmer and I joined Rarity and Fluttershy on our usual embankment overlooking the action. It's high up and well out of the way of crashing ponies. By the look of the snow stuck in their manes, Applejack and Rainbow Dash had had a few splashdowns in the snow already. We settled down on blankets spread out on the snow and got down to watching the three of them zip across the ice. Most everypony loves speed and these ponies were nearly flying on their blades of steel. Pinkie looked like a pro in the form-hugging jumpsuit Rarity had made for her. It's white with turquoise racing stripes and leggings that fade to golden yellow. Her mane was held flat to her head by the hood, for decreased wind resistance, but her tail poked out the end. The skaters we saw racing at the Winter festival had their tails either braided or trimmed short. Tails are important for maintaining balance and control during turns, although Dash was using her wings.

Pinkie skated up to right below us and announced that they were all warmed up and ready to race! We whinnied in approval. They marked out a line on the ice to serve as both start and finish. A tree limb sticking out of the ice at the far end of the lake marked the halfway point. Spike has good traction on ice so he went out, and on the count of three, started the race, Then he scampered back up to the safety of our embankment. On that first race, Applejack slipped and fell down hard on the way out, sliding a long ways on her side before she could scramble back up on her skates. Rainbow Dash went down in the turn and it looked like she had to dig her way out of a snowbank. Pinkie won that race. The next two races went about the same, and even though Pinkie fell in the third race, sliding upside down across the finish line, she won all three. She does have the advantage of being a practiced skater and her speed skates are broken in. Dash and Applejack's brand new skates are more than a little stiff. After the third race they called it a day and we went to Sugarcube Corner for victory hot chocolates, with extra marshmallows for Pinkie. On the walk back to town, it looked like both Dash and Applejack had pretty sore hooves from all that skating.


twilightpony: Big tree with windows and door, fall foliage (Default)
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