Feb. 22nd, 2017

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This morning after breakfast we got to work decorating Friendship Castle for Hearth's Warming. Together we retrieved the decorations from storage and sorted it for easy deployment on the larger balcony. Fortunately, everything had been folded neatly and packed away in a dry upper story room, well away from the flood we'd had last year. Rainbow Dash and I took care of the wreaths and draping the gigantic ribbon around the top spire. Rarity ironed out the wrinkles on both bows and stiffened them up with magic so that they would hold their shape. Pinkie and Fluttershy started stringing up the lights and Applejack and Spike set up the star-shaped lamp posts.

It looks like word got around about Saddle Lake. While we were wrestling with bolts of cloth and untangling strings of lights in the frosty morning air, half the town walked by headed that way, carrying picnic baskets, horse hockey equipment and the like. The horse hockey equipment was especially distracting for Rainbow Dash.

We stopped for lunch and to warm up, then we got right back into the saddle. Dash and I wrapped the lower part of the castle with the extra wide bolt which Rarity stiffened to hold while we held it in place, then we lifted the giant bows to their positions. Rarity took care of getting the lower bow to stick to where the ribbon crossed and we tied the upper bow to the pinnacle of the castle spire. While we did that, Applejack, Pinkie, Spike and Fluttershy finished hanging all the strings of lights. It was hard work but we finished by late afternoon. Then Applejack and Rainbow Dash galloped off to play horse hockey on the lake. Pinkie bounced off after them. Her hooves are still sore from breaking in her new skates so she just went to cheer them on.

The cold has brought a halt to building and rebuilding snowponies in Ponyville but in their stead several ponies are carving big blocks of ice into pony-sized ice sculptures. They get their oversized ice blocks from the ponies who carve ice-box blocks out of a small spring-fed lake in the winter. That gives them clear clean ice that they store underground packed with wood shavings and straw to keep it all from melting in the summer. They take care to collect clean ice so that as the ice melts in an icebox, it doesn't release stuff that can clog the drain.

I was talking with Pinkie after we'd gone over the castle decorations checklist one last time (before she left to catch up with Applejack and Dash) and we decided that the entrance hall to the castle would be a great place to throw a Hearth's Warming party for all of Ponyville. Pinkie is going to make sure it doesn't interfere with any last minute plans from town hall and that our friends are on board with this. Hearth's Warming has been made very real and personal for everypony this winter and it's probably about time we entertained more than just ourselves here. It should go better than that reception we prepared for Prince Rutherford. What a disaster.


twilightpony: Big tree with windows and door, fall foliage (Default)
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