Feb. 19th, 2017

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Cadence wrote back, sending her scroll by airmail since mail delivery by rail is still sporadic. She wrote that things had been getting pretty dire in the Crystal Empire. The Crystal Heart was keeping Winter at bay, but a week of unrelenting pressure was grating. It was taking everything the crystal ponies had, and they were starting to falter. Most of them are still traumatized by having been enslaved by Sombra and it doesn't take much for them to become withdrawn. Then this enormous pegasus constellation just walked in out of the north.

This colossal being of connected stars walked right up to the center of town, taking care to avoid stepping on any buildings. She was almost as tall as the castle. There she stopped and gave a nicker so deep that Cadence could feel it through the castle stones and through her hooves. It was so warm, so comforting that everypony in the city came tumbling out of their stables and galloped up to stand beneath her. The mother's call. Irresistible.

Cadence and Shining grabbed Flurry Heart, heeded the call and came out of the castle to stand with everypony else, looking up at and through the belly of the constellation. The star mare looked down and Cadence said she felt as wobbly legged and as energetic as a foal. Then the constellation spread her wings and as one, everypony held their breath. All were in awe. She nickered again and everypony laid down with a collective sigh right were they had been standing and touched the ground, like in a Crystalling ceremony. Love and happiness poured forth from everypony and flowed up the four giant pillar-like legs of the constellation, jumping from star to star, rising through her body and climbing up her neck and finally to the brilliant star on her forehead. She bent toward the Crystal Heart and beamed all the power of the crystal ponies straight at it. The crystal heart sped up until it was spinning so fast that it was a chevron shaped blur of light. It shot rainbows back at the constellation where they collected, the pegasus became a crystal pegasus and blindingly bright, Cadence wrote that it was like looking at the sun. The constellation then reared up and beat her wings. The first beat lifted her off the ground and blew everypony flat. The second beat took her higher and Cadence opened her eyes in time to see that with each wing beat, a brilliant flash radiated out of the star mare in all directions. The constellation beat her wings a third and final time, sending a third expanding ring of crystal pony power racing across the sky.

She glided down, far enough away to avoid stepping on anypony, gave one last reassuring nicker, then she walked out of the city, to the north and into the night. Cadence finished her letter by writing that they all slept like newborn foals that night and everypony woke up in very good spirits.


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