Feb. 17th, 2017

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I heard a train pulling into Ponyville so I trotted down to the station to chat with the conductor. He told me that a few trains are running again and things should get back to normal as soon as the Canterlot office straightens out which trains ended up where. Meanwhile they are traveling slowly and on a limited schedule. Ditto for mail service by rail. This train was heading for the Crystal Empire so I pulled out a scroll and ink and wrote a letter to Princess Cadence asking what had happened. About right after I had mailed that, I met Pinkie, then Rainbow Dash and finally Rarity who all told me various versions of rumors that somepony had heard from somepony else who had flown in from the north that a star pony had come to the aid of the Crystal Empire. This, if it's true, is very exciting news. We know of one such star pony, we met her before. The constellation we called Summer.

Our scouts have been coming back to say that last night's light show has wiped away Winter's influence. One group had been trying to revive a frozen family when the waves hit. It thawed them right out. The party stated that the family was confused but in high spirits.

It's fortunate that the Crystal Empire was able to pull off that triple burst of joy (sonic joy boom?) or we would have been fighting a long, slow battle pushing back on Winter. As it is, we've called off the Hearth's Warming spell parties, but we've left stacks of wood over the ashes of the bonfires so we can start them up at a moment's notice.


twilightpony: Big tree with windows and door, fall foliage (Default)
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