Feb. 14th, 2017

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I woke up dazed and confused to the sound of somepony knocking on my chamber door. It was Zecora. I didn't want to see her, but she insisted. I opened the door and I was about to buck her from here all the way back to the Everfree, the hard way, when, without a word she held up a cup of something warm, liquid and green and with a smell. An indescribable smell.

I was drawn to that liquid. The smell filled my nostrils and my mind. I reached out with my telekinesis. (My hooves were buried under five layers of horse blankets and fleece, I was like a walking rug with just a small gap for my muzzle, to breath and to see what was just beyond my nose.) I drank what Zecora offered me. First just a sip, then a gulp, then I drained the cup. I felt warmth pouring down my throat and spreading throughout my body. I felt days of sour moods and growing paranoia melting away. I was happy to see my friend Zecora, standing there, watching me, with a twinkle in her eye and a hint of concern. I dropped my cocoon of blankets, stepped into the corridor and I gave her a hug.

She told me that there was no time to waste, everypony must drink the green brew and do so with haste. We started with Spike. We had to dodge balls of fire until we got close enough to offer the brew. Starlight Glimmer hurled books and insults. It was a good thing that she was sobbing too hard to cast anything more lethal. With Starlight warmed up and sane, we set out to cure Applejack and Pinkie Pie. Fortunately, the wonderful, fresh and warm smell of the brew attracted everypony as much as it attracted me, it wasn't long until we had many ponies helping prepare and distribute the brew.

Zecora got to us just in time, but many ponies throughout Equestria also need to be reached, and some of them are in dire straights. I remembered reading about ponies getting frozen where they stood or as they slept throughout Equestria, and now that I was thinking straight, I reread Princess Celestia's letter, plus a few more that were in Spike's room. "Several ponies found frozen into a trance inside blocks of solid ice. Only the Hearth's Warming spell revived them." I realized what was happening, why it has been so cold and why I couldn't seem to stop dreaming about snow and ice, night after night. Winter. The ancient windigo from beyond the eternal twilight had come south, and he was laying claim to Equestria.

This time there was no Epona, no mare named Summer to save us. We had to save ourselves, Zecora's green brew only lasts so long. And I knew just the pony for the job. That pony, of course, is our Party Pony supreme, the Element of Laughter herself, Pinkie Pie. What we need to drive back Winter, to send him back to his castle of blue ice, is a pan-Equestria party. The party to end all parties. I've put Pinkie to the task of setting up round-the-clock Hearth's Warming spell parties, starting with Ponyville.


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