Jan. 15th, 2017

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It was a nice day for a walk today and since it's been a while since the last time I spoke to Zecora, I decided to drop by her place. While it was mild and sunny in Ponyville, the Everfree Forest has its own rhythm. As I walked from Ponyville's influence to the Everfree, the air got noticeably colder. I was prepared for this. I had brought winter garments.

The Everfree is quiet in the winter. The whipping willows, the fillyhair trees and the running oaks are leafless and motionless. The only tracks I saw were those of timberwolves and manticores. The parasprites and unstable flies are snug in their crevices under the leaf litter, the cragadiles are submerged in the mud and the cockatrices are snoozing deep inside of rock piles. The forest seems barren and disturbed only by the wind, but that makes it only harder for a pony to hide.

I was adopting a crystal hare survival strategy by wearing white. I had on my long white hooded cloak which covered my head, my saddle bags and nearly everything else on down to my tail. For my feet, I had white boots. White, quiet and stealthy, I stepped carefully in my soft padded boots. I froze at every snap and every new creak and moan from the slumbering trees. The poison joke is safely blanketed with snow, but here and there the hooked seedheads of dragon claw burrs lurked in the undergrowth. I stuck to the wider trails to avoid those as best I could. They really cling to fur and cloth and the spines sting when you try to pull them off with your teeth.

I passed through a marshy area where I found sheets of ice in and around the trail I was on. It looks like there had been a rain shower on a milder day recently. The temperature must have had plunged afterward, causing the puddles to freeze on top before the liquid water could soak into the ground. That had left these crusts of ice that crunched underhoof. Walking on it could have been fun, but the sound was so loud that I was afraid of attracting unwanted attention. I picked my way around the ice and kept to the snow on higher ground.

I could smell the smoke from Zecora's hearth before I could see her hut. She lives in a giant, hollow, squat tree and I a felt a sharp jab of regret as I remembered the Golden Oak Library, my first home in Ponyville. My funk was washed away when the door opened and she welcomed me inside, ushering me over to a table where we were soon chatting and drinking one of her delicious herbal teas. Zecora's hut is so warm and bright and full of intriguing scents and smartly sorted herbs and vials. The hours just flew by.

All things have to end sometime and I bid Zecora farewell. My saddle bags slightly heavier with tea and spices, I stepped back out into the wild wood and made my way home through the lengthening shadows. White on white and wary.


twilightpony: Big tree with windows and door, fall foliage (Default)
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