Jan. 6th, 2017

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Pinkie bounded into my study around mid-morning, dropped a card shaped like a giant snowflake (stellar dendrite) into my lap, and bounced back out and down the hall before I could utter a word. The card was an invitation to go sledding, courtesy of Dash and Pie. I thought it was snowing out, or at least when I went for my morning stroll, I saw the weather ponies assembling a fleet of snow clouds. My other clue was the trail of melting snow Pinkie had left in the corridor. I cracked open a window to see outside and I was rewarded with a face-full of fresh snow. So I went over to the nearest balcony.

Sure enough, the balcony, the fields and Ponyville were now whiter than whipped cream and looking like everything had been transformed into pillows and overstuffed furniture. I also noted that the snow storm was ending. I went to get my boots.

Snugly outfitted with my scarf, saddle and boots, I went to get my toboggan, only to find Spike looking for me. He'd fetched the toboggan out of storage right after he'd gotten his invitation and he'd already left it by the front door. He was raring to go. Starlight Glimmer chose to stay inside.

It was hard work pulling the sled through all that fresh powder between the castle and the sledding hill. All the harder since Spike was sitting on the sled. Dash and Pinkie were already sledding and we waved at them as they sped past us on Pinkie's party sled and ploughed into a deep drift of fresh snow. By the time I reached the top, I was so hot I removed my saddle. Spike wanted to go down the hill right away but I wanted to wait for the others, so gave the sled a push and sent him hurtling down the trail Pinkie and Dash had carved out on their run. I could see Applejack trudging up the hill.

Applejack had her silly giant bowl-like sled, which is a lot more fun than it looks, and soon Rarity arrived, pulling her miniature sleigh-like sled. The snow was too powdery for anything other than a toboggan, so when Spike, Dash and Pinkie got back up the hill, we all climbed onto Pinkie's sled, held on to anything we could find (I had a mouthful of Applejack's mane) and we pushed off! Halfway down a snowbank threw us off balance and we tipped over into a snow drift. It's harder to stay upright in deep soft snow.

The weather was mild, so each time we sledded down the hill, we packed the snow down. That made it slippery enough for the sleds on skis and for Applejack's bowl. Of course Applejack and Rainbow Dash raced. At first Dash's racing sled had the advantage, but as the packed snow hardened further into white ice, the bowl was the superior vehicle, even though it was nearly impossible to steer. Anypony on the hill had better jump out of the way or get bowled over. (Ha ha! Punny me!)

We called it quits in the early afternoon. We were thoroughly soaked, nopony had had lunch and the slopes were crowded with sledding ponies. We went to Café Hay for hot soup and hay fries, and then to Sugarcube Corner for molten chocolate cakes. It was a good day, made all the better with friends.


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