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I went for a walk through some fresh puddles of water after the early morning rain shower today. It feels great to get my hooves wet, they get so soft and springy. I resisted the urge to gallop through the streets like a wild thing, cascading everypony and everything in my path with great spouts of water and leading a stampede of white horses through the soaking wet pastures, just for the unbridled joy of it all. I could read the words of The Hayloft Song of J. Alfalfafed Poolrock in my mind...

Let us gallop, you and I,
When Celestia has painted up the sky
Like a red dirt appaloosian in too small a stable;
Let us trot, to where pastures and forest meet,
Grass whispering at our feet
Of uneven ground hiding pitfall wells

Another sure sign that it's Spring is that it's Hearts and Hooves day.


twilightpony: Big tree with windows and door, fall foliage (Default)
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