Apr. 19th, 2017

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I have an idea for a gift! Instead of a book that she's already read, or a Hearth's Warming doll that might just remind her of the frivolous aspect of Hearth's Warming, I'm going to get her something useful! That isn't a book. I'll get her a mirror like the one I have over the bookcase by the window in my room. It's great, I stuck several pictures of my friends in the gap where the mirror meets the frame on mine, and I'll do the same for hers. That way she'll be reminded of her friendships each time she looks in the mirror! It's perfect! There's a store in Ponyville with several sizes in stock. I picked one out, but I just have to check that it will fit above her dresser. Somehow I'll have to get into her room to measure that space while she's out. Pinkie gave me several pictures I can use and the store is open early tomorrow. I just need that measure.

I have received an impressive pile of letters from ponies confirming that they will be here tomorrow for the ceremony. Pinkie snapped them up and galloped off with them. She has folder for everypony in her party planner room. I guess she going to file them each away and plan the ceremony party in light of who and how many ponies are coming. I suspect that there will be ponies that will get here before their RSVP's get through the mail system.

Spike let me know that the zap apple trees now have leaves.


twilightpony: Big tree with windows and door, fall foliage (Default)
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