Feb. 25th, 2017

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Late this afternoon Spike and I opened presents. We don't wait until Hearth's Warming Day for that, unlike most ponies. I think my best gift for Spike was a book on How To Draw Comics The Mare Vale Way, by Stall Lead. Spike reads a lot of comics and with this book, now he can draw his own!

Starlight didn't want to participate in the gift exchange so it was just me and Spike opening gifts in the sitting room and eating Chancellor Puddinghead pudding. After sundown Spike and I went to the Hearth's Warming Pageant, again without Starlight. She preferred to stay home and study. After the pageant, Pinkie recruited everypony to form a parade through town. Everypony has had so much practice keeping the Hearth's Warming spell going, we made it part of the parade. Rainbow Dash and some Cloudsdale pegasi had parked some snow clouds over the parade route, and as the parade wound through the streets below, Dash bumped the clouds into action. And so, there were dozens of hearts glowing above a procession of happily singing ponies parading through the gently falling snow as they followed Pinkie through the streets. It was quality snow too, big fluffy stellar dendrites. And finally, there was the party in the castle foyer.

I tried to get Starlight to put down her studies for a while and come join us down in the lobby, but she didn't see the point of the whole Hearth's Warming exercise. She was turned off by what she took for a frivolous excuse to wallow in the exchange of material goods and eat sweets. She missed how sharing strengthens the bonds of friendship and that the sharing helps strengthen community. I offered to read A Hearth's Warming Tail to her, a story in which the protagonist also rejects the waste and conspicuous consumption of Hearth's Warming and decides to magically excise the day from the calendar. If Starlight has a weakness, it's morality plays. Well, except for the Hearth's Warming pageant. In the end, the story opened her up to the concept that Hearth's Warming, by drawing ponies together in friendship, is essential to maintaining Equestria, and not just by keeping windigos away. As we experienced recently, Hearth's Warming on its own won't keep windigos away. Starlight did join the party after that, probably not from a fear of windigos, but for the spirit of friendship.


twilightpony: Big tree with windows and door, fall foliage (Default)
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