Feb. 21st, 2017

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That long spell of severe cold and high winds has left Ponyville with an unforeseen gift. It swept away the snow off Saddle Lake and thickened the ice. Then four days of mild and sunny weather brought on by the Crystal Empire's triple blast has caused the surface of the ice to melt during the day and to freeze over again at night. As a result, Saddle Lake is now a giant skating rink with a mirror finish. That warm spell seems to have run its course and it was too cold for the ice surface to melt today. This had ponies running for their skates.

Pinkie announced that she was going to break in her spiffy new speed skates and with that much perfect ice, she hoped to go very fast. We made an outing out of it, packing a picnic and following Pinkie to a spot on the lake far from where most of the skating ponies were, to avoid collisions. Pinkie went down to the shore to tie on her new speed skates and we found a high, snow covered embankment which gave us a commanding, and safe, view of Pinkie's corner of the rink. We spread out a few picnic blankets over the snow, and since it was cold, we all had horse blankets. We combined them and nestled together while we cheered Pinkie on. Pinkie remembered how the speed skaters at the Crystal Empire Winter Festival propelled themselves with long smooth strokes and she had picked up a few pointers when she bought the skates as well. After a few false starts, she was starting to pick up speed. We got the apple juice with cinnamon out of Applejack's basket which Spike heated up to steaming and I served to everypony. We sipped our spicy drinks and tried not to spill them when Pinkie slipped and crashed into a snowbank. She did that several times, climbing out back onto the ice, giving us the diver's OK (bonking herself on the head with her skate) and having yet another go at speed skating. Pinkie has a masochistic streak.

After eating yet another snowbank, Pinkie was feeling the chill. Skating that fast is like dancing in a cold wind and usually speed skaters wear a kind of warm jumpsuit. Pinkie had just her scarf, tuque and ear muffs, and the dives into the snow weren't helping. She hopped out of her skates and jumped right into the middle of our horse blanket pile. Brrr. There was ice stuck in her fur which melted as we all pushed up closer to share our warmth and hot apple juice with her. Rarity promised to sew her a speed-skater's jumpsuit. Pinkie said the new skates were really stiff and chaffing. She's going to wait until her hooves are a little less sore before practicing some more. Rainbow Dash looked like she was toying with the idea of trying them out, but probably not tomorrow. Tomorrow we decorate the castle.


twilightpony: Big tree with windows and door, fall foliage (Default)
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