Feb. 1st, 2017


Feb. 1st, 2017 11:54 pm
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We had a boisterous Hayboard meeting today. The room was packed and everypony was in high spirits and very chatty. I think it's because of the snowstorm. Clearing the streets and trotways (they're called 'trottoirs' in Fancy) was a surprise community event that drew everypony together and left us with lots of fresh white snow to play with. There are snow banks everywhere along the streets, some carved into snow forts, into arches and into really big snow ponies. All day ponies have been running snowball battles, sledding and carving out snow mazes, race tracks and steeplechases in the fields. A lot of ponies were letting off a lot of steam today, and that energy and good cheer was making Mayor Mare's job of manetaining the decorum of the room difficult. Still, ponies managed to give their reports.

Well, we're not going to starve for lack of hay this winter. Our third cut hay stores should last us. While there were more yak buyers at the harvest market than the previous year, they were as picky as ever, avoiding what were irregular bales of perfectly good third cut hay. During the harvest there was pressure from pegasi, panicked that the yaks would buy all the hay, to sell them that hay, but our farmers had kept the usual numbers in their lofts, even though it was very tempting to cash in on the inflated prices. That demand translated into a boost in the reputation of our hay and increased sales of our surplus first and second cut hay. We might not have to use it as building material after all.


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