Jan. 5th, 2017

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Rarity is still hard at work on that order of hers, but she said she needed a break, and for her, showing us what she has put together for our evening wear is a relaxing break. So Fluttershy and I answered the call. I brought some lemon poppy seed cupcakes, which sat on a table by the door to Rarity's sewing room. We didn't dare eat them for fear of soiling the dresses.

Rarity explained that she had selected our outfits in colors and styles that were meant to both complement our coats and manes and to look good together. She brought out a pair of manequins, each sporting a blouse, a floor-length gown, boots and cloak. The dominant colors were greens, blues and yellows for the gowns, blouses and boots. As for the cloaks, the one meant for Fluttershy is dusty rose. Mine is burgundy with a wide sky blue trim, the inside is midnight blue with a scattering of gold stars.

Fluttershy's blouse is baby blue with an embroidered metallic green vine pattern all over it, as well as simple flowers picked out in sequins, gold thread and red garnets. For Fluttershy's gown, Rarity had chosen a cloth with a pattern of mesmerizing swirls of grass and forest green, so light and airy that it looked like it could float away. Along the hem Rarity had started sewing in little sparkling sapphire flowers.

My blouse is gold yellow with lavender buttons and my gown is deep blue with several diamonds and quite a bit of glitter to emulate the night sky.

Rarity is providing us with boots to compliment our dresses. I was thinking that we might be a bit overdoing it, even if it was a high society dinner. Fluttershy probably had the same thought because when Rarity brought out a pile of hats for us to try, we quashed that idea. No hats, but Rarity did get us to promise to get an elegant hairdo for the occasion.

The clothes are not yet ready to wear, they're barely holding together with pins at the moment, so we did not try any of it on. Instead, we went to the kitchen where Rarity brewed a lavender tea to go with our cupcakes. There we chatted until Rarity felt she was once again refreshed, creative and ready to get back to work.


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